Fly High Workshops Founder Tanya Nicole Edwards was born and raised in West London. Her love of music started in the house hold and she’s been performing ever since. Tanya continued learning through Extra Curriculum and Enrichment programmes, little did she know that The Lion King would be her first job at age 17, she would be a West End star and experience travelling the world with her passion for performing.
After realising that the arts is not an easy nor the only ride she wanted in life Tanya found love in Youth Work. In between contracts she would return to her old college and work with the Performing Arts students on confidence through performance and that is where the idea of Fly High Workshops was discovered.
Fly High Workshops was created drawing on a decade of experience performing in the West End’s most successful shows including The Lion King, Hairspray, Motown and The Book Of Mormon as well as touring Internationally for many artists including UK’s collective Soul II Soul.
”I want to build something not only for young people but anybody, teaching staff, the older generation, I just want people to feel confident within themselves, music is therapy”
Fly High Workshops is a Motivational Performing Arts Agency that provide young people with the tools to make them more confident in their individual performance abilities.

Self-Belief, confidence and discipline are central to our values at Fly High Workshops.

With our focus on these three elements, we take a behaviour-centred design approach to encourage these strengths in young people. Our workshops are structured to ensure that students are guaranteed to have 1-to-1 support, participation in group activities as well as providing Q&A’s and audition prep on all thing’s performance with some of the best professionals in the industry.
Our aim is to empower children and young people to take the interpersonal skills and self-esteem building practises that we nurture in our sessions, and transfer then into their everyday lives. The benefits of these activities will help them thrive at school, college, home and beyond.
We believe, as you do, that in this current climate; discipline, confidence and self-belief are essential for an individual’s mental health, wellbeing and development. Fly High Workshops provide a safe and secure environment, with experienced professional running workshops that will complement the school term.
We’ve created programmes that are guaranteed to deliver successful outcomes through a range of fun and positively challenging activities, which draw on performance, production and creative writing skills. Together, we will extend and reinforce the important work that your institution is already doing, to help support your young people even better.