We’ve created programmes that are guaranteed to deliver successful outcomes through a range of fun and positively challenging activities, which draw on performance, production and creative writing skills. Together, we will extend and reinforce the important work that your institution is already doing, to help support your young people even better.

Each of our workshops incorporate circle time, self-affirmations and focus on developing wellbeing. Pre-workshop and post-workshop questionnaires are gathered to monitor progress and to tailor workshops to the needs of each individual. We also offer bespoke workshops to suit individuals and groups during term time and are experts in supporting schools and colleges with end of term productions ranging from choirs to musicals and much more.

Self Development Workshops

Taking part in Fly High self developing workshops will enable you to gain confidence within self as well as through your creativity and performance. You will be able to express yourself through writing plays, poems, script, monologues and get constructive feedback for improvement.
Vision boarding is a great group activity that we offer whilst listening to motivational music and talks. We encourage self affirmations to become a habit and lifestyle no matter what age you are
Participating in these workshops will enable you to challenge yourself to try new ways of self developing . Most of all, these workshops will be fun, creative and inspiring!

drama workshops

Taking part in Fly High drama workshops will enable you to build confidence, self-esteem and motivation. You will have the opportunity to prepare successfully for acting auditions and develop your characterisation skills, use of voice and physicality. Workshops will explore acting techniques for both stage and screen and give you the skills and tools to build confidence and to develop your potential as an actor.

vocal workshops

Taking part in Fly High music workshops will include the chance to sing with others in a choir and to develop confidence in singing solo too. You’ll have the opportunity to study different musical genres and how to perform confidently with microphones. The workshops will give the opportunity for song writing and performance of individual songs. These workshops celebrate creativity, expression and the power of music to change lives!

dance workshops

Taking part in Fly High dance workshops will improve your fitness, flexibility and wellbeing.

You will develop expression and creativity through your dancing as well as acquiring skills and techniques in different dance styles.
Through participating in our dynamic workshops you will also learn how to choreograph to entertain and tell stories. 
Dance workshops will be fun, invigorating, and creative!